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A Word on Richard Spencer

Jack Shearing (2/5/2017)


Richard Spencer is an enemy of the American Republic and our nation’s ideals. Spencer is a White Supremacist and the president of a White Supremacy think tank cleverly disguised under the name The National Policy Institute. He also has claimed to have coined the term “Alt-Right” a phrase I find as repulsive and counterproductive as Mike Cernovich’s “New Right”. Both of these phases isolate President Trump from the Republican base, give liberals an easy target, and are associated with anti-American ideas like white supremacy and anti-Semitism.

I think that argument that Richard Spencer is controlled opposition for the democrat party has a lot of evidence backing it. Some of his claims and actions are so outlandish and counterproductive that any freedom loving American can see that Richard Spencer is clearly a National Socialist or controlled opposition. Now as we all know, wherever leftists are involved there is bound to be misinformation around every corner so I am just going to stick the wealth of ridiculous things Spencer has said on video or twitter.

Spencer once greeted a crowd of three hundred (possible Soros paid actors) with the words, “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” Why in the world would anyone who legitimately cares about the future of white people in America evoke Hitler, HITLER to make their point. If he honestly thinks that evoking Hitler and Nazism in the modern political landscape is going to do anything but galvanize and validate the already hysterical left, then he’s just plain dumb. I mean this is Obama level racial division strategies and since the damage Obama did was obviously intentional and pre mediated I am lead to believe that Spencer is controlled opposition funded by the Democrat party and George Soros.76f5a9774c9d3edc8717379a736b5233.png

However, should Spencer be genuine in his admiration for Hitler and serious about a white socialist ethno state then he should just be ignored by any living thing with ears or eyes. America is country whose prosperity has been built on the backs of hard working, freedom loving, voting, people of every skin color and racial identity. By allying himself with one of America and Europe’s greatest enemies he is sleeping with the enemy and should be socially exiled (Not legally exiled because that would be unconstitutional but otherwise my first choice). National socialist sympathizers otherwise known as neo-Nazis in modern America are people without brains. As dumb if not dumber than Black Lives Matter rioters or anarcho-communists and proven just as violent.

One proof of Spencer’s reprobate status is this stunt:170120231359-richard-spencer-punch-exlarge-169.jpg

This is a screen capture of some truly Darwinian political nonsense. Richard Spencer (a real fascist) is recording himself right next to an antifascist anarcho-communist political rally, and then


complaining about it on twitter! Like sure Richard, punching isn’t cool no matter what but you must have noticed the anti-fascist signs! Get it straight Richard, I don’t put any dog food I don’t want my dog to eat in his dog bowl. So you better not put your fascists (Hitler lovers(you)) and anti-fascists together if you don’t want your fascists to get punched. It’s just what anti-fascists do; they eat the dog food you put in their bowl. It doesn’t make it right but these people are mentally ill, they hate freedom, America and traded their souls to the devil for Soros bux and a chance to redistribute American wealth. You see Richard I think your problem is you confused the anarcho-communists with anarcho-capitalists and expected them not to violate the NAP. Honestly I don’t care that some communists punched you considering that you are either controlled opposition or an honest to god National Socialist. Maybe if you wanted me to feel any other emotion than gut wrenching laughter at this ridiculous nonsense you could bring some friends and all punch each other into a pulp. Otherwise I’m sorry, I’m finding it’s very difficult to locate any sympathy I might be able to allocate to you, your stupid haircut or fantasy eugenics programs.

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