Dave Chappelle vs BLM’s Jordan Peele: Black On Black Theft

Bill Gibbons (3/24/2017)

Dave Chappelle, one of the greatest comedians and creator of the revolutionary “Chappelle’s Show”, has not had kinds words in his newest special for Black Lives Matter spearhead, Jordan Peele. For those who don’t know, Jordan Peele is an extremely unfunny “comedian” who just recently directed the ant-white propaganda film “Get Out.” The film is about a white family who captures and brainwashes black people to keep them as slaves. That will surely help the division between whites and blacks right?  More then just a self-described “white-hating” figure, Peele also runs a sketch comedy show who with his co-star Keegan-Michael Key which completely steals the unique format of “Chapelle’s Show”, without giving rightful credit to Dave Chappelle.

(Peele even copying Chapelle’s body language in the show’s promo….disgusting)

Before his disappearance from the Hollywood circuit, many remember “Chapelle’s Show” for its groundbreaking  humor, original fusion of sketch and stand-up comedy and Dave’s charismatic charm. Despite the show being loved dearly by the public, Chappelle had to fight tooth-and-neck with the Comedy Central big-wigs to get his sketches made due to their often controversial and racial humor. This fight for creative control with the globalist elites eventually became too much and despite being offered an unprecedented 50 million, Chappelle declined Comedy Centrals contract and subsequently removed himself from the lime-light. Still the ground Chappelle made paved the way for the “Key and Peele” show to exist and succeed today.

Alas, after “Chappelle’s Show”s cancellation in 2006, Dave Chappelle in 2017 has made a triumphant return to the spotlight, with a guest spot on Saturday Night Live and two new comedy specials!

The left theorized his return was due to the rise of Donald Trump and the alt-right movement, assuming he would have nothing but criticism and disdain for them both. Hilariously enough, Chapelle has came back with a vengeance against the social justice warriors and ripped apart the PC culture. Also when asked about President Trump, Chapelle called him a “great guy.” It’s always amazing the see the racism of the left being turned on its head by someone who is supposed to be on their “side.”

In his recent special, Dave finally publicly addressed the creative thievery “Key and Peele.”

“I had to watch Key and Peele do MY show every f***ing night!”

In another recent interview, Chapelle said:

“When, at the end of the show I see created by Key and Peele, that hurts me.”

Just deplorable behavior folks…Jordan Peele has not only spread anti-white propaganda to divide us, but the hypocrite has stolen from a fellow black man. There is clearly no low not worthing stooping to for Peele to stuff his pockets.

I say we boycott all of Mr. Peele’s current and future works (nothing worth a value would be lost anyways), and show Dave Chappelle our love and support by seeing his live shows and checking out his new specials, now streaming on Netflix! We can’t forget he was one of the first to combat the globalists censorship, his bold walk away from fame and fortune was certainly an admirable feat. It is a rarity that one can walk away from the satanic seduction of Hollywood and we are glad to have someone as strong as Dave on our side!

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