Democrats Cry Wolf Again!

Jack Shearing (3/3/2017)

Several articles have been published in in the past two days that allege connections exist between Jeff Sessions and Jared Kushner to Russians. These claims are of course true but the context in which the Fake Stream Media has portrayed these facts has muddled the true story.  

You see, Jeff Sessions served as a member of the House Intelligence Committee during his tenure as an Alabama senator. As a member of this committee it was Sessions’ job to meet with foreign officials and diplomats which is exactly what he was doing when he met with Russian ambassadors, not Russian spies.  The Fake Stream Media has of course left this crucial nugget of information out of their reporting.

In classic Saul Alinsky style the Democrats are trying to divide and conquer their opposition. They would have their audience believe that Sessions and Kushner are treasonous Russian agents trying to sabotage a beautiful socialist republic but they have it wrong. America isn’t a socialist republic, it’s a democratic republic and they can’t just oust the President’s cabinet because they were doing their job meeting with Russian officials. Yes, it’s true Sessions met with Russian ambassadors twice during the campaign but the campaign was never discussed according to Sessions, who has in a turn of total good faith recused himself from the investigation.

What the Democrats and their media cronies have done by calling the Attorney General and Jared Kushner Russian agents is accidentally restart McCarthyism. Why can’t my government talk to the Russian government? Am I going to lose my job if talk to Russians? Is there an information embargo around Russia? I thought McCarthyism was the worst thing to ever happen to America since the north won the civil war according to the Democrats. (Who remember, were the political party of the South.) No, this of course is just more communist nonsense. Jeff Sessions and Jared Kushner are honorable men who put their reputations on the line to serve in the Trump administration. They deserve our support and prayers.

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