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Donald Trump Jr: Americas Newest Political Heartthrob!

It’s no question a man as handsome and brilliant as President Trump has produced one of our newest political heartthrobs since perhaps, President Kennedy. While the gorgeous and elegant Ivanka Trump has been killing it with the male population as expected, Donald Trump Jr.  has been winning the hearts of American women as well.

Here’s some comments taken from his Instagram on his latest “selfie”;


What freedom loving American woman doesn’t appreciate a family man?

A guy who has a sense of humor about himself and doesn’t take things too seriously;

A man who can still smile and exude grace in the company of an enemy;

Here’s Trump Jr. surrounded by a crowd of enamored american women;

With Ivanka and Donald Jr. swooning the hearts of many american men and women, not to mention former supermodel Melania as our first lady, does President Trumps claim as the best looking first family seem all that far-fetched now? Certainly much better looking then our last white house tenants….

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