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Fake Music Critic Cyberbullies Late Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Shortly Before Tragic Suicide

Benedict Enseif (7/23/2017)

Chester Bennington, legendary lead singer of historic and famed band Linkin Park, was unfortunately found hanging from a belt in his bedroom at his home in Palos Verdes, CA. It happened just 3 days ago on July 20th, 2017. The sudden and tragic news shocked the nation and millions of Linkin Park fans around the world. In the minds of many lingers a puzzling question. Why would a man who had tons of money, fame, a beautiful wife and 6 loving children, just up and decide to end it all?

Just 2 months ago on May 20th, 2017, Linkin Park released their seventh studio album, “One More Light”. Fans and critics across the board immediately took to the album, praising the risky and challenging new direction the bands sound took. Playing across all conservative radio stations constantly, it was clear the album had been a clear commercial and critical hit.

Or so we thought…..

Underneath the overwhelming amount of praise from the public, on the internet you’ll easily find “haters” and “trolls” baselessly and unjustifiably disparaging the album. This is done for the sole purpose of earning status amongst themselves and to create a false sense of superiority over the massive amounts of Linkin Park fans. At the top of this cockroach-infested hill you can find the king and ringleader of these cyberbullies, a body-shape-ambiguous man named Anthony Fantano. Fantano is the owner and host of popular music review blog, “The Needle Drop”. In the past, Fantano has been outspoken about his liberal and neo-marxist views, as well as his millitant dedication to veganism and disgust of meat-eaters. Often blaming conservative political idealogy alignment and red meat as the source of an artists failings to meet his “musical standards.”

“That steak-flavored beat was unbearable! A kale-flavored beat would of gone much better with those rattling high hats!”

“That was so bland and mediocre….Wait! This band was funded by George Soros….? I’m feeling a strong ten on this one!”

Real “music journalism” right there for ya, folks….

For someone who hates beef, this decorated former barista is well known for starting drama with artists online, choosing to provoke artists he doesn’t like with passive-aggressive tweets. When finally getting a response from said artist, Fantano almost instinctually diverts to playing the innocent victim while sending his legion of loyal followers to harass the musician on a virtual witch hunt.

(Melon-headed figure tastelessly denigrates the legendary vocal talent of Bennington)

In a pathetic attempt to dramatize his negative opinion, for the “One More Light” review, Fantano deviates from his usual one-to-ten rating scale. Instead, opting to belittle the album by giving it an insulting and ill-founded score of simply, “NOT GOOD”.  All the while utterly failing to provide proper arguments to support his claims, leaving little sensible articulation on why he feels the album deserves a such harsh condemnation. Even fans of The Needle Drop have called Anthony out in the comments section of the review for his relentless bullying of Bennington.


Some fans even suggesting Fantano has been responsible for similar events in the past….

Everyone knows how awful it feels to have something you put time, hard-work and love into simply discarded and scoffed without good explanation. However, few can imagine the pain of having your art ruthlessly disparaged and trivialized by the most influential voice in music journalism on the biggest stage of all; the internet. Unfortunately, nothing an artist can say will overpower the word of the Needle Drop. Serving as the entitled and self-appointed gate-keeper of good musical taste; what Fantano deems as bad music shall always remain bad music in the realm of the internet and social media. Reports from twitter showed many fans who had tickets for the”One More Light” tour had seen the review and were angry with the band and felt personally betrayed by Bennington. Many were demanding to be refunded after the release of the review. One fan was quoted saying:

“I thought that album was amazing….Until I saw the review! Not good!”

Some fans were still against the album, but showed sympathy for the singer:

“If only I could form my own opinions, maybe I would grow to appreciate the album?! Sorry Chester!”

We here at Liberty Dogs cannot accurately say how much the damage of Fantanos’ distasteful bullying against the bands work was responsible for Bennington’s decision. However, with the suicide occurring less than a week out from the bands One More Light tour. One can speculate perhaps the shame and embarrassment Bennington knew he would have to endure from the audience after Fantano dropped the bomb and completely changed the fans’ narrative of One More Light, had finally eaten him whole.

 “I tried so hard / And got so far / But in the end / It doesn’t even matter…”

It would seem those infamous lines from the bands year 2000 mega-hit, “In The End”, hold a prophetic and eerie resemblance to the reality thats unfolded since the release of the review.

Most importantly, please remember Anthony Fantano is a fake music critic folks! He is only fueled by his desire to satisfy his ego as a radical contrarian with original opinions. Don’t let some pretentious hipster globalist tell you what music you can and cant like! We here at Liberty Dogs encourage you to think critically and form your own opinions and principles based on logic and your views of the world. If not….? Then just keep on reading Liberty Dogs News for the ultimate perspective!

Lastly, we here at Liberty Dogs ask you to pray for Chester and the Bennington family.

We’ll miss you Chester! Thank you for 2 decades of great music….

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  1. adsnhmg July 23, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    You shouldn’t have taken that pseudo-intellectual critic that knows nothing about music theory serious Chester 🙁

  2. Cal Chuchesta July 23, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    That melon headed cuck boy should’ve thought about his words before hand, I’m disappointed that this thicc vegan decided to show his opinion on the internet and control his viewers into conforming into his opinion. Even I gave “Damn.” a 7!

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