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Americas Next Frontier Begins


EIGHT…LONG…YEARS! That’s how long we’ve just spent under the Obama administration. In his time we’ve seen Obama lend his hands to the rise of ISIS, strip us of our guns and sell our jobs overseas. Most of all, Barack “HUSSEIN” Obama’s hateful and quite frankly anti-american rhetoric led us not only to a loss of faith in our military, but a loss of faith in our good Christian god!

However! These past eight years have not been in vain! The great silver-lining of the election of President Donald J. Trump has been shining so bright its blinding! Companies are already lining up to bring their businesses and jobs back over here. The threat of Muslim terror has nearly been diminished with the ban of Muslim immigrants from top terrorist threat zones and most importantly, America is being put first again! As usual for Trump, the reconstruction of this nation is UNDER budget and AHEAD of schedule!

While things are looking bright with our new leader at home, there are still dark forces at work around the world. Globalist oligarchs such as George Soros and Angela Merkel are angry and hate the fact that they can’t buy or influence Trump! He stands by the people and fights for our freedom while the globalists try to control our lives and force their liberal agenda down our throats! For those uniformed, Globalists are human disciples of Lucifer who seek to enslave humanity for their sinful greed. These are the type of folks who have en everlasting lust for power, money and sin. Taking advantage of the kind hearts of the people around them, many globalists have forced their way into positions of power in our government and economy. For a long time now, globalists have used their money and influence to keep the media propagating their agenda and have turned educational institutions into leftist hive-minds, literally brainwashing our children for hours a day! We must stop this!

Trump alone cannot defeat the globalists, it is up to us to fight as hard as we can to secure our freedoms. We need to be spreading red pills and waking those who are still asleep! Here at Liberty Dogs we are working diligently to improve our platform so we can best reach as many folks and inform and spread truth. It’s been too long our people have had their heads filled with globalist propaganda from fake news networks such as CNN and NPR. We cannot stress enough to you how crucial it is we reach as many Americans as possible! The consequences of us not winning this war are more dire than ever! We cannot miss our opportunity with Trump these next four years so the time to attack is now! Spread this over your social media and send this to those you love who are still brainwashed by the left!   

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”(John 1.1:6)

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