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Gorsuch: Friend or Foe?

Jack Shearing (2/4/2017)


President Trump has named Colorado federal appellate court justice Neil Gorsuch to the supreme court. While it is no secret that The Liberty Dogs have been long time supporters of the President it’s very important to keep him honest and question his choices and decisions. The nomination of Judge Gorsuch to the supreme court has likely been the biggest and most influential call he has made since taking office. I’ve highlighted three important facts about Justice Gorsuch that will both inform and alarm the American people.

Fact 1: Neil Gorsuch is an acolyte of the late Antonin Scalia.83e10be993652fa7c6289e58821ddb48.png

The handwriting on the picture above says, “Fond memories of a day on the Colorado, with warm regards” in Scalia’s handwriting. The two were apparently close both personally and when it comes to matters of law and order. In fact, a team of researchers set out to create a list of potential Scalia replacements before Trump had announced Gorsuch’s nomination and found that Gorsuch is the single justice most like Scalia currently sitting on a federal bench. They created a system that ranked judges based three statistics: How often they practiced originalism (the belief that the constitution should be interpreted though the intent of its writers), How often they cited Scalia’s non-judicial writings and How often a judge wrote about Scalia while he was not a majority opinion on the supreme court. Using these variables, they determined that Gorsuch was as similar to Scalia as a justice could be without being his clone or twin brother. Gorsuch has also said publicly that when he heard Antonin had died it had been such a great personal loss to him that he was reduced to tears. Obviously indicating the closeness of their relationship.

Fact 2: Gorsuch cited Henry Kissinger in his high school yearbook. d663027a1efe0ba7e570b18e39525d3b.png

Yes, we have all done and said silly things while we were young but that’s no reason excuse MLK’s plagiarism or Hillary Clinton’s abortions. Youth I don’t think is a defense in this case either. To publicly display a disregard for the constitution and law of the land which you will be tasked to protect and uphold for the rest of your life might wholly remove Gorsuch from serving on the supreme court. Or at least this will be a serious consideration during his confirmation hearing. However, if Antonin Scalia considered him a friend then this quote doesn’t make much sense in context considering how fiercely Scalia defended the constitution. Also, his career so far is one of a staunch constitutionalist with a similar dedication to originalism as Scalia. Therefore the argument that this was simply a youthful jest becomes much stronger seeing as he has not in any way committed unconstitutional actions.

Fact 3: Gorsuch was unanimously approved by the senate in 2006.

In 2006 when Gorsuch was up for approval to the 10th appellate court in Colorado the members of the united states senate was asked to decide whether he was fit for the job or not. Of the 100 members serving in the senate at that time not a single public representative raised any objections to his appointment or voted against it. Some of the senators who voted for him: Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Bob Menendez and Lindsey Graham. That’s right they all approved Neil Gorsuch to the stand. Even Obama and the cry baby Schumer thought this guy was a good choice to uphold the American justice system. This to me suggests that his appointment to the court is almost certain. Democrats can try to filibuster if they like, or just as show of effort to their constituents, but in my opinion Gorsuch has 99% chance to be the supreme court justice to replace Scalia. I personally cannot wait to watch his confirmation hearing.

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