Is Pizzagate an Excuse for Pedophiles on 4chan to View Child Pornography?

Jack Shearing (2/16/2017)

When John Podesta’s email, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, password was phished by “Russian Hackers” the corruption rampant within the democratic party had been revealed. Among the leaks were nuggets of news that shifted public opinion on the Clintons. The emails alleged that the DNC gave the Clinton camp insider information on Sanders. They also claimed that the democrats had plans to implement open the American borders to anyone. The emails revealed the democrat’s proclivity to public and private positions, and the “hacks” uncovered that the Democrats were planting of questions at presidential debates. Yet the most shocking thing to have come out of these leaks was Pizzagate. Pizzagate being the story that inside these leaked emails were hidden codes that referred to child trafficking. While it may seem ridiculous to believe that pedophiles could have infiltrated the highest echelons of our justice system, internet sleuths have put together a semi-compelling case.

For instance, this email indicates that Obama was spending money on gay male prostitutes:

The similarity between Podesta and his brother to the abductors of Madeleine Mccann:

And frequent strange reverences to Cheese Pizza (commonly used code word for child pornography):

Pizzagate is probably the biggest mess to have come out of the 2016 presidential election. The anonymous internet image board 4chan was the base of operations for the pro bono investigators. I myself was convinced that the story was nonsense until the Clintons had orchestrated a false flag to discredit the accusations. A 28-year-old gunman, named Edgar Maddison Welch had walked into the titular Comet Ping Pong Pizza, where many theories had speculated children were being held, armed with an assault rifle and fired at the floor. Then the shooter barged into the backrooms of the restaurant in order to locate hidden child sex slaves. Obviously none were found because Welch was a paid actor hired by the Clinton campaign to discredit the investigation. Don’t believe me? Here’s his IMDB page:

However, I believe the current Pizzagate investigations have been hijacked by real pedophiles who would use the story’s popularity as an excuse to view and share child pornography. Here is one such thread which captured a lot of attention:

Here in this thread “investigators” debated the merit/ quality of a child torture porn video but ultimately decide not to report the video or link to the FBI because “it isn’t enough to convict anyone”. Seeing as 4chan is a truly anonymous image board that self-deletes posts it would be the perfect place for pedophiles to meet up and chat. However, the possibility also exists that these threads could be planted by the deep state pedophiles in order to frame honest investigators who were stupid enough to click on that link hoping to find a silver bullet that would incriminate Podesta. Whatever the case, my advice to my readers is the same: stay away from Let Trump’s FBI and attorney general Sessions deliver justice to the deep state pedophiles. If there are any honest internet sleuths out there, you’ve done good work. We’ve won by electing Trump and he will administer justice to these monsters and I promise, if they are out there these pedophiles will die in a dark prison cell. But now, it’s time to hang up the keyboard and leave this fight to the professionals.

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