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John McCain Intends to Fight Brain Cancer by Arming the Moderate Cancer Cells

Jack Shearing (8/19/2017)











’s top secret sources close to Senator John McCain have provided us with highly sensitive information regarding the Republican law maker’s cancer treatment. According to our source, the senator has decided to undergo an experimental new treatment option that hopes to give the less aggressive “moderate” cancer cells an upper hand in the fighting against the more radical and threatening cells.

The moderate cancer cells have dubbed themselves the “FBCA” or “Free Brain Cell Alliance” while the majority of the malignant mass in the in the senator’s head has come out in support of the “KMA” also known as the “Kill McCain Army.”

Weather the treatment will work or not depends mostly on the FBCA’s ability to operate tiny Ak-47’s and Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers which will be injected directly into the tumors. Another issue that could cause complications for the treatments success is the possibility that the microscopic armaments could fall into the hands of the KMA, through the senator has been heard by our source commenting on this subject saying, “ggggrlllbarahh” and then falling over and convulsing.

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