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Jordan Peterson Unveils Plan for Giant Blender; Funded Entirely by Patreon Contributions

Jack Shearing (6/25/2017)

Dr. Jordan Peterson, a University of Toronto Professor and popular Youtube personality has finally released a video explaining what he intends to do with the $45,000 he receives per month from his Patreon contributors.

“Sure the project is daunting! Its going to be over 300 feet high for pete’s-sake! But that doesn’t mean it’s not a project worth investing energy and resources into. It’s for the good of the planet!” The Professor said in his video titled, “I’m Going to Put Post-Modernists and Marxists in a Giant Blender” Then if constructed as big as the schematic Dr. Peterson outlined, the blender will be four times as big as the Giant Blender at Blentec headquarters, pictured below.

Patreon is a service where everyday people can crowdfund content creators on a regular basis, thereby giving content creators like YouTubers, painters and aspiring musicians a steady flow of income and hopefully increase their creative output.

Professor Peterson is special case however, seeing as through his tenure at The University of Toronto and income from his YouTube lecture series is more than enough to feed and house himself and his family. On top of his professional income the output from Patreon is in the professor’s words, “Staggering.” As of the writing of this article 4,293 people contribute a total $47,237 per month to the professor.

“The money gives me a way to finally realize a long held dream of mine. To create a place where Marxists can realize their own fantasies without getting in the way of western civilization. I’ve thought about this long and hard and the only way I see that can be accomplished is through blending them all into a liquid state.” He elaborates.

While the university of Toronto has yet to release a statement in response to Peterson’s video, many long time critics of Peterson, Such as Sam Harris have condemned his plans, “If God was real, he wouldn’t let Jordan Peterson be more successful than me! If this blender idea isn’t proof of that……. than I don’t know what is.” Harris wrote on twitter.

Even some long time supporters and friends of Dr. Peterson like MMA commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan, have made statements in disapproval of his plans to spend the Patreon money on a giant blender. “Jordans off the edge with this one. I was all for him when he was talking about dragons with gold and the subconscious and Jung and shit. That was hella dope… Pass me that doobie Steve… but like have you like… seen this blender thing? That’ll have you in a rear naked choke in two seconds flat. I’m not going anywhere near that thing.” He stated in a recent podcast.

His plans have certainly drawn a lot of criticism but he says he’s not going to “let ne’er-do-wells, smart alecks and mugwumps get in his way.” And his Patreon supporters seem to be mostly on board. One contributor under the handle, “TheGreenBastard” (A Trailer Park Boys Reference Presumably), said this in the comment section a Q&A with the Professor, “Dr. Peterson has always been pushing boundaries and breaking through norms. He told us all to clean our rooms and we thought that was impossible. But it wasn’t. Now that my room is clean I’ve re-enrolled in University, reconnected with my ex-girlfriend and picked up a part time job at city hall. Who’s to say he can’t also finally deal with the Post-Modernist/ SJW problem if we all just chip in 5 bucks or so.” And many other commenters shared his sentiments. Another writing, “I used to only give 20$ a month to your Patreon account but now I’m upping that number to 50$! Go get em’ Bucko!”

Dr. Peterson also announced in that same video that he’s taking a year sabbatical off lecturing to execute his goal of having the blender constructed and operating in nine months’ time. An ambitious goal. will be monitoring the situation closely.

Link to Dr. Peterson’s Patreon:

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