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Judge Judy Disappointed After Being Passed Up for FBI Director

John Shearing (6/16/2017)

The popular reality TV show judge has recently released a statement online this morning after “A week of prayer and meditation”, The statement reads.

“I thought It was a shoe in. I know more about the law and justice than anybody. I’m so on point. I thought a man as successful and wise as the president would recognize my talents. I know he’s a fan. He told me himself.” The TV judge wrote.

Christopher Wray, The President’s final choice for the director position left by James Comey was announced a week ago by way of tweet.


The White house hasn’t released a statement regarding Justice Judy’s comments though some commentators like CNN’s Don Lemon speculated Wray was chosen over Judy because he would be more easy to manipulate than the incorruptible, stone faced Judy.  The Huffington Post argued that Trump was afraid putting a strong independent woman like Judy such a powerful position.  

Judy herself did not speculate in her statement but instead took the time to convey personal disappointment. “This past week has been incredibly hard on me. I feel personally let down by the president. I’ve been preparing my whole life for this job, though ultimately as American I must respect his decision.”

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