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Justice in Sweden dies: Social contract spat on.

Jack Shearing (2/7/2017)


Sweden needs to be remember why countries exist in the first place: to enforce the social contract. Citizens of Sweden have paid into the government through taxes for as there has been a power structure in place to collect taxes, in return it is the government’s responsibility to maintain social order by creating and upholding laws. Unfortunately, this nation has lost its ability to administer justice entirely.


It happened in December, just four days beforeore Christmas. A 13-year-old girl went into the bathroom of her school as a child and left as a rape victim. A military age Syrian “refugee” was waiting for her with the evilest of intentions. The indictment reads, “He has forced the plaintiffs to withstand the sexual acts through violence, which consisted of him – even though she asked him to stop – pressed her against a wall, against her will, pulled off her clothes, bent her forward and stuck her hips” After anally and vaginally raping the little girl he threatened to kill her if she told anyone about what he did to her.


This little girl wasn’t the only one who was raped. No, one more rape in a Swedish elementary school bathroom, what’s the big deal? It happens all the time? Who cares? This rape is especially heinous because afterwards, justice itself was raped. The inbred foreigner was quickly apprehended but only sentenced to two months in prison.

What is your greatest fear? How’s this one for you, imagine your own 13-year-old daughter or your sister anally and vaginally raped in her school’s bathroom. How about if the predator was caught and sentenced to two months in prison? Does that sound like a punishment that fit the crime? Well that is one Swedish families’ reality. My heart screams for this family and all the children who have been and will be attacked by these Islamic barbarians. Why? Why was this allowed to happen.

I have to ask if all the virtue signaling worth it? We are all so proud of you for showing everyone how liberal and progressive you are Sweden. One raped thirteen-year-old at a time. One raped family at a time. One raped nation at a time, Sweden has shown us the value of neo-liberalism.

It’s almost worse that the kangaroo court was held at all. A total subversion of justice. If I had a family in Sweden and I was competent hard working citizen, I’m just thinking, why would I stay there? Why raise a family in a land without laws? The government has shown the world with this ruling that the lives of criminal Syrians are more valuable to them then their own little helpless children. It sends a message to every refugee, “Rape away, laws don’t apply to Syrians!”

Swedes, run! That’s my advice. Please get somewhere safe or make your nation safe again. But right now, you are all in danger. Your children are in danger. If you don’t your suicidal, you are asking for trouble. Your family’s safety is of no concern to your government. There is no more social contract in Sweden. Take your daughter’s safety into your own hands. Please, I’m begging you. Protect your families from these nightmares.


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