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Kim Jung Un’s Brother Assassinated At Kuala Lumpur International Airport


Jack Shearing (2/19/2017)

Four people have arrested in connection with the attack that left the son of the late Kim-Jung-Ill dead. One of the apprehended suspects, an Indonesian woman named Siti Aishah had sprayed Kim-Jung-Nam in the face with a deadly fast acting poison that killed him before he could even reach a nearby hospital.

Many sources are reporting that Ms. Aishah told authorities that she thought she was participating in a TV news prank that involved spraying contestants with perfume in public places. The woman told Malaysian authorities, who claim to have jurisdiction the case, she had sprayed “three to four” others in a similar manner. If this is true, the real assassins were using the young Indonesian Muslim girl to carry out the attack under the pretense of a reality TV skit. In this scenario, the assassins must have had loaded the perfume sprayer that Ms. Aishah had been used to using with the fast acting poison.

Kim-Jung-Nam was the Kim-Jung-Ill’s first born son and heir apparent until he was educated in Switzerland, where he considered the future of North Korea under communist rule. In a correspondence between him and the editor of a Japanese newspaper he wrote, “After I went back to North Korea following my education in Switzerland, I grew further apart from my father because I insisted on reform and market-opening and was eventually viewed with suspicion” Since King-Jung-Nam and his father’s differences became too great, Kim-Jung-Un was named heir apparent to their father’s tyranny.

Kim-Jung-Nam was in the headlines back in 2001 when he was detained in a Tokyo airport with his son and two women while traveling to “Tokyo Disneyland”. Despite being the son of a ruthless dictator Kim-Jung-Nam appeared just to be another guy trying to deal with the hand life gave him. If perhaps his father had headed his advice for market reform, then Kim-Jung-Nam might have been a national hero for saving his nation’s prosperity from the cancer called communism. I’d like to use this opportunity to ask my readers to pray for his son who has lost a father and for the people of North Korea who suffer daily under tyrannical rule.

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