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Leftists Push Pedophilia Acceptance

Jack Shearing (4/2/17)

Cultural Marxism’s depravity truly knows no bounds. It lives to poison all happiness and goodness in the world by any means possible. Happy families, faith in god, and strong morals are the enemies of Marxists and their brainwashed cronies.

They are brutal and cunning combatants in war of ideas. As sly and tricky when they are out of power as they are violent and bloodthirsty when in control. Under the guise of “Progressive” ideologies such as sexual “liberation” and “free” healthcare they would wrangle control of our society right out from under us.

Now Americans are seeing one of these ugly demons rear its ugly heads in the most disgusting shape: pedophilia acceptance.

Examine this disgusting headline published by The New York Times,

Or this article published by the infamously incompetent Salon,

All you have to do is turn on the TV to see how Hollywood is pushing children on their programs into disgusting and compromising positions. This disturbing screenshot is from a program aired by FOX displays a child actor wearing some type of sex mask,

Cultural Marxism has been left to run rampant in American education institutions, business environments, political organizations and entertainment industries for FAR too long. What I see coming out of these news publications and TV programs disgusts me. Children are America’s most important asset. We must stop this cancer growing in our country before it gets terminal.

Educate yourself! Speak out when you see something that looks wrong! Don’t support organizations who defend pedophiles! It’s not hard to do your part!

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