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Armed Anarchists Barge Into Michigan Police Station


Jack Shearing (2/9/2017)

Two Michigan men and self-identified anarcho capitalists were arrested on super bowl Sunday after attempting to open carry in a police station. Amazingly, they were not shot to death.

They whole ordeal started when the two men, James Baker and Brandon Vreeland, were pulled over earlier that morning for wearing tactical masks while driving. The video they recorded and posted online of the traffic stop clearly shows a polite officer who was worried about the wellbeing of his community and doing his job investigating disturbances and oddities. In protest of the traffic stop they an hour later donned their tactical masks, loaded weapons, body armor, video camera and made way for the Dearborn Michigan police station. Within a minute the officers had successfully subdued the masked, armored and armed “protesters”.

A local publication reports that they were released later that day after posting bail for 1,500$ and being charged with three misdemeanors. I really have to commend the brave men and women of Dearborn PD who saved these two knuckle heads lives. These two could have easily been identified as immediate and deadly threats given their apparel. Not even to mention their loaded guns, one of which being an AR-15.

While open carrying in a police station might be legal, as the ancaps point out in the video while they are pinned against the floor of the police station, it’s not an argument and also incredibly dangerous. America today has never been under greater from terrorist agents who would love to march into a police station and open fire. Especially since President Trump’s travel restriction has been overturned by a federal judge. Don’t these ancaps know to threaten violence to is to violate the NAP? If I stick a gun in a police officer’s face and end up with high speed lead poisoning whose fault is that really? I’m glad these two men survived their dangerous gamble but I can’t help but think the gene pool might be better off without them.


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