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Natural Born Refugees: The Hidden Struggles A New Generation Of European-Muslims Will Face

Jack Shearing (7/11/2017)

As of today, most of western Europe is being taken over by refugees from islamic nations. Every year places such as Germany, Sweden and France are drowning their original population with refugees from war-torn middle eastern countries in the name of “tolerance.” Along with this over-influx of muslims, we are seeing rape, terror and murder rates skyrocket into record breaking numbers.

Yet, with this obvious correlation, the United Nations refuses to release accurate statistics of just how bad things are getting to the public. Working with popular liberal media (fake news), the UN has been promoting their globalist agenda to the public claiming the mass immigration of refugees is a “blessing” and “how lucky we are to have them with us.” Meanwhile anyone who dare speak against this self-destruction of Europe is labeled “racist” and an “islamophobe”. With 267 dead in 2016 as compared to only 4  in 2014 from Islamic terror attacks, its clear this government enforced “cultural enrichment” is going according to their evil plan.(8-year old Saffie Roussos. Killed in the recent bombing at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester. One of the “lucky ones” , as the left would say…)

It saddens me to say, this message of blindly taking in as many unidentified and potentially dangerous refugees as possible in the name of “tolerance”, has been gobbled up by the general public and even more so than any by European, millennial women.

Which begins to leads us to todays topic of discussion…

(This Swedish woman was later raped by a gang of refugees on the evening of this picture being taken)

Ultimately, women hold a majority of the power in deciding what a new generation of children will look like, and whom will be the father’s of said children. Currently, we are seeing a staggering trend of European, millennial women choosing to have children with male refugees. While of course, women are free to choose whom they want to have children with. The men being chosen to mate with are often unidentified, and likely to be dangerous or at least have barbaric ideas on the treatment of women a la (no pun intended) the Quran. (Read here some of the wonderful” things we learned from watching arab television) It’s clear the primary sources influencing these women’s decisions has to be called into question.

Images with thousands of “likes” and retweets of young women glorifying Islamic culture and shunning vilified white men can be found all over social media. As the largest consumers of social media by a wide margin, this bombardment of images of that nature, in addition to the narrative of white men being evil or weak as pushed by liberal media, is causing European millennial women to compete in a deadly, cannibalistic game of virtue signaling. The winner receiving all the praise and adoration of her peers on social media, the right to say “Look at me! I am bearing the child of a refugee! I’m clearly not a racist!” and ability to pass judgement on those who aren’t up to her “standards” of virtuousness.

Some women are taking this game to the next level. Just last month, Infowars reported many Swedish women were sneaking into refugee camps to have sex with as many male refugees as possible to prove their “tolerance”.

Unfortunately for these women, they are finding many of the refugees not to be suitable fathers or finding themselves victims of domestic abuse. After being “burnt by the stove” so to speak, many of these women look to a desperate, mostly white, European male population to provide stability and financial resources for them and their baby. If unable to find a provider, they will be forced onto government assistance and into single motherhood. Which just so happens to be one of the biggest indicators of a child growing up to be involved in criminal activity!

 (A Modern European Family)

With this radical change in the choice of mates, the white population is seeing a steady decline all over Europe. According to the Irish Times, replacement rates are far too low to replenish the aging and dying population white European population.

However, the declining European white population is an issue for another time…

Now that I’ve set the context for the occurrence of this phenomena, I’d like to talk about the repercussions and impossible challenges the victims of this happening will face; them being the children, of course.

How do I know the real extent of the psychological damage this can cause to the children, you may ask….?

Growing up as mixed-race child myself, there were many challenges, hurdles and confusing identity crisis’s I had to face each day. Many of which I still do as an adult. It’s a common misconception that mixed raced people get to benefit from their two primary backgrounds. Looking and talking as a non-convincing member of both my foreign nationalities, I faced great ostracism and racism from both sides who take refuge in my country, with each group seeing me as a fraudulent and tainted version of itself.

From this I learned true loneliness is not a man without friends or loved ones, but a man without a country. As such, I am eternally grateful for my wonderful home; the United States. Only in this great land can I find an identity, a rich history and a heritage that is free for all who love her liberty and respect her law to adopt as their own.

What we have mixing in Europe is more than just genetics. Ultimately, this is western and eastern civilization ideologies crashing into each other headfirst. Which as we all know, is a sure recipe for disaster.

These children will have to face an insurmountable amount of discrimination from the victims and people fed up with terrorist attacks. All the while, expected to defend the talking points of their islamic heritage force fed into their brain by the liberal media, neurotic mothers and weak-spined “fathers”. They will see their own people bombed on television overseas and the next day see their own people bombing others in their home, yet will not be allowed to be angry about both. Nor will they be allowed to defend either as well. Never will these children be able to call a European or Middle Eastern country their home with the pride and dignity that one needs in order to succeed. Worst of all, neither will their countries ever be able say that about them.

Children folks….we are leaving innocent children stranded and forced to solve this impossible and unnecessary puzzle of mixing western and eastern civilization! All for meaningless “likes” and retweets…

The UN and the globalists are doing all they can to get more and more European millennial women on board, but as we all know to secure our future……this deadly game of virtue must end!

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