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Pence Breaks Tie: DeVos Confirmed

Jack Shearing (2/7/2017)


In a split senate decision 50 to 50 Betsy DeVos was one vote away from losing her shot at serving in the Trump administration as Secretary of Education. In these tie situations the deciding vote is given to the vice president who voted in favor of her confirmation. Two Republicans did switch sides to vote against the president’s choice. Those two turn coats being Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins of Alaska and Maine.

DeVos, for those who don’t know, is the heiress to the Heinz Ketchup fortune and staunch opponent of “Common Core” education practices. She has come under heat by Trump’s critics who cite DeVos’ lack of education experience. I find this hypocritical though because these same critics were advocating for Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman. According to their logic, Clinton’s vagina overrode her criminal activities, health issues and past failures in leadership positions. Even if the claims made about DeVos by the democrats and their media cronies are true they should apply the same forgiveness and forgetfulness they gave Ms. Clinton.

I personally support DeVos because of my past experiences with the American public school system which I believe failed me and many of my classmates. The schools I attended in New Jersey were rife with moocher teachers and lazy administrators. DeVos is an advocate for student choice so families can decide what schools their children attend instead of having proximity to schools decide where children are educated. By introducing competition to the mix the schools will be forced to provide good services to the communities in order to stay in business instead of living day to day off of the government gravy train. Sure DeVos hasn’t made a career in education but I think she has a fresh take on an old problem which is just what Trump is looking for.

The tie breaking vote by the vice president was the first ever cast to appoint a cabinet position in US history according to CSPAN.

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