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President of Syria: “Refuges are Definitely Terrorists”

Jack Shearing (2/11/2017)

Basheer al-Assad in an interview on Thursday said refuges are “Definitely” aligned with terrorist groups who wish to commit atrocities on western soil. “You can find it on the net” he has said. “You can see those terrorists in Syria holding machine guns and killing people they are peaceful refugees or in western Europe that’s true.”

When prompted by the interviewer how many terrorists are among the refuges he said it’s impossible to know for sure. I agree with him it’s not really relevant if even one terrorists commit an attack that injures or kills an American or European when he elaborates, “it’s not about the number, it’s about the quality, it’s about the intentions.” So it’s not a question about if the refuges are terrorists it’s a question of how many Americans and Europeans they will slaughter in the name of Allah before the west awakes up to the senseless violence.

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