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President Trump Under Federal Investigation for Eating the Last Donut At Mondays Cabinet Meeting

John Shearing (6/18/2017)

An inconspicuous box of donuts at Monday’s first full cabinet meeting has led to a criminal investigation with President Trump at its center.

The meeting, held at the white house earlier this week, was the first time since the start of Trump’s administration that all department heads and top officials have met together at the same time. 36 different cabinet members sat around the table and exchanged pleasantries, greetings, shop talk and munched on a box of 24 Krispy Kreme glazed donuts.

The President helped himself to one donut at the beginning of the meeting and then another six minutes later after the Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao got the second to last donut. He was the only person at the meeting to consume two donuts.

“What we have here is a gross mismanagement of government resources.” Acting Director of the FBI Andrew G. McCabe said in a statement this morning announcing that he would open an investigation into the incident. He continued to say, “13 officials at that meeting went without any snacks at all during the long 45-minute meeting. The President has obstructed their right to snacking opportunities. My agents have found evidence indicating that 3 of those 13 officials, including Vice President Pence and Steve Bannon, had skipped breakfast that morning and definitely would have enjoyed a donut.”

The President shot back at McCabe this afternoon in the following tweet denying his consumption of a second glazed pastry.

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