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SHOCKING: Obama’s Brother Provides Barack’s Kenyan Birth Certificate

Jack Shearing (3/10/17)

Barack Obama’s half-brother has always been a troublesome character for the former President. Remember for instance when Malik Obama endorsed Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the recent election:

But now, Malik has really angered The New World Order when he tweeted out his brother’s REAL birth certificate! This proves that Obama was born in Kenya and not a legitimate President:

This is big news, America was somehow bamboozled by Deep State actors who needed to get a black communist in power to gain control of our healthcare systems; and therefore, control the American people. If Trump had lost the election, then health care premiums would have continued to rise until we were financially enslaved to the Democrat Oligarch class. God bless Trump!

Thank you, Malik Obama for bringing the truth to the American people! Now armed with the truth we can strike back against the broken oligarch Deep State and their communist Democrats. We can make Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama answer for their crimes in a court of law! This is a good day!


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