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Should Pit bull’s Get Their Own Ethno State?


Jack Shearing (1/11/2018)

It looks like Richard Spencer and Abraham Lincoln aren’t the only people interested in Ethno-States. Think about it like Jurassic Park. You take the world’s most deadly and brutal creatures and section them off in an area where they can kill and maim each other in peace without getting any toddlers or Chihuahuas involved.


Pit bulls are the deadliest animal in America. They were breed for decades for the select purpose of killing. Pit bulls kill dozens of people every year when they are triggered for seemingly random reasons. A broader pattern however reveals that these attacks are not random but instead can be consistently predicted based on one variable: genetic disposition. That is to say, it is a fact that if your dog is a Pit bull it is likely to attack and kill or maim you or someone you love. As opposed to ANY OTHER type of dog which is more likely to learn how to unicycle on their own then attack their owner.


I believe that people calling for the extermination of Pit bulls have their hearts in the right place but heads placed firmly up their own read ends. Trying to go about collecting every living Americans Pit Bulls would likely go over as well as trying to round up their guns. You’d end up with a lot of dead policemen and civilians. The process must be voluntary. On top of that, mass extermination just doesn’t fly so well in our current political climate. Ethno States however, those are gaining traction. If I was a Pit Bull myself, then maybe I would be in favor of sense slaughter but the truth is I’m just a regular guy and I don’t want to kill anything.

Instead I advocate for a piece of land to be partitioned off and set aside for the Pit bulls to live freely among their own kind. It can really be put anywhere, New Jersey, Mexico, Nepal, California. It does not matter. As unlikely as it sounds, some people really do love their Pit Bulls. Brutal and violent as they are. If we want to solve the Pit Bull problem for good we need to get the owners of the Animals on board with our solution and the dogs must be surrendered voluntarily.

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