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Soros Strikes Again!


Wednesday, the first day of February. A time when we should be thanking god for letting us live peacefully, in his great America for yet another month, ended in a massive terror attack from the left.


Public figure, journalist for Breitbart and openly homosexual-man Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to give a speech at UC Berkeley. Milo has been a very vocal enemy of PC culture and a huge supporter of President Trump. His many controversial articles and speeches has strung a cord with the violent left and many powerful globalists have come out publicly bashing Yiannopoulos, cucks at twitter even went as far as to permanently ban his very popular twitter account.uc-berkley-riot-pic-1.jpg

Needless to say a huge “protest” occurred on the campus of UC Berkeley. This “protest” quickly turned to a massive riot full of violence. An estimated 150 group of anarchists stormed the campus wearing black clothing and black masks. These thugs caused damage and destruction to all property around.


Buildings and vehicles set on fire, glass windows shattered and even worse, supporters of Trump and Milo speech attendees were attacked! Women were pepper sprayed and punched, an old man who was thought to be there to see Milo was face-down, unconscious and being beaten with bats by the “anti-fascist” group.


Who would orchestrate such a heinous attack, over a speech? Who would be resorting to violence and destruction to stop the use of the first amendment? To no one’s surprise we are here to report to you that this was all planned by none other than evil billionaire George Soros! The group held responsible for the riot is the Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ). This globalist-sponsored group just got a recent huge donation of $50,000 from a non-profit called Tides Foundation, which just happens to be owned and funded by Soros. Another recent donor to the group being Hillary Clinton.

We cannot continue to let Soros get away with this! His influence on the mainstream media has caused a paranoia in the social justice left and we are starting to see their violent tendencies turn more and more sinister! We must continue to stick together as brother and sister. We must take down the globalists who so desperately want us to hate each other and our freedom! If you want to help the fight please spread this article on social media and wake up those still asleep!
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