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Starbucks Should Provide Reparations to Victims of Racist Contamination


Jack Shearing (1/10/2018)

Starbucks, the popular café chain is in hot water this week because of a Facebook post made by one its baristas where she brags about selectively contaminating the food and beverages of white patrons with blood, saliva and animal feces.


The post sparked outrage virally. Twitter and Facebook users demanded charges be brought against the barista, and she be fired. Starbucks however remained strangely quiet. Only replying to users that no one by the name “Shanell Rivers” has ever worked at an Atlanta Starbucks. Ms. Rivers herself walked back claims, claiming a hacker maliciously made those posts in an attempt to defame her.


She went on to say that some of her best friends have white sounding names like Autumn, so she could not be racist.

A further look into Ms. Rivers social media accounts reveal however that that is not the case. Many of her online posts expressed displeasure and outright hatred for white people and white children. The most horrifying example being this post which she addressed to ISIS.


Starbucks must reimburse the white community of Atlanta for poisoning them. Racism is alive and well in America and people like Shanell Rivers are the face of it. The blood she smeared on the “white man’s” bagel could have been contaminated with HIV or any other contagious disease. Pit Bull shit hot chocolate could have killed that young girl. This is a matter as serious as attempted murder.

While the individual victims may never be properly identified, the white community of Atlanta should receive some sort of monetary compensation for their collective trouble and daily fear they will have to live with. Knowing that every time a white person is served by a person of color, their purchase may be a biological weapon intended to hurt, maim or kill them.  Nobody should have to live in fear that they are drinking spit, eating blood saliva or feces.

Starbucks must take responsibility for their carelessness.

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