The Alt-Right Embrace Autistic Muppet “Julia” As Their New Mascot

Jack Shearing (3/25/17)

Strange news memes have begun circulating on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other media outlets populated by the racist trolls labeled “The Alt-Right.” If you’ve followed you know how we feel about the term and the cointelpro controlled opposition puppets that embrace the moniker. These new memes depict the new autistic Muppet Julia, who recently made her debut on the long running children’s show Sesame Street, in let’s just say compromising situations.

Here’s what Julia looks like regularly on the show;

Here’s what she looks like reading Elmo crime statistics and wearing a pink SS officers uniform;


Are these memes an attempt to reach out to young and impressionable socially inhibited autistic children? Or just another anti-Semitic attempt at depraved comedy by the ne’er-do-well “Alt-Right” movement? Perhaps they embrace Julia because they see themselves in her? These trolls might pathetically be projecting their own social anxieties and failures through the Muppet. My guess is they just think it’s funny, but who can really tell with these losers anyway? Trying to explain the motivations for their hateful antics is surely a fruitless exercise in meme criticism.

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