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The Daily News Uses Picture of Child Prostitutes to Demonstrate Haiti’s First World Status


Jack Shearing (1/12/2018)

I’m having trouble figuring out why Don Lemon is angry about Donald Trump allegedly calling Haiti a Shithole. The only pictures that mainstream news outlets can get to display the apparent beautiful and first world status of the island nation is one of three child prostitutes and their pimp. None of them look to be more than 10 years old. One of the girls is not wearing pants, another is flashing her nipple and the pimp is throwing up gang signs. Has the left lost their minds?


Who thought this would be a compelling picture that would make their case? The Picture appears in an article called “Politicians, advocacy groups react to Trump blasting Caribbean and African immigrants from ‘s–thole countries’”. If these countries are so wonderful and peppermint scented, why are people immigrating from them? Are there immigrants fleeing this country because they have to sell their 8-year olds into sex slavery to 10-year olds?

How can anybody compare even a picture of the worst and most rundown neighborhood in America to this heartbreaking poverty and tyranny in Haiti and say which of the two is more of a shithole? Second of all, why are the left getting themselves all in a tizzy over something hasn’t been confirmed. It’s not like we have a picture of Donald Trump overlooking a map of the world with the shitholes nations painted brown. Just another unconfirmed fake news story. And not even a good one.

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