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The Netherlands Choose Suicide

Jack Shearing (3/16/17)

The Dutch populist Geert Wilders has been defeated by the incumbent Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Wilders fashioned himself during the campaign as ‘Dutch Donald Trump’ and even had the hair to boot. He drew fire from left wing critics for his Nationalist Pro-Dutch sentiments and campaign promises to reduce immigration from third world countries.

The election comes at the back of flaring tensions between The Netherlands and Turkey over immigration. The Turkish President Erdogan who threatened Europe with waves of Syrian migrants when The Netherlands refused to host the Turkish ambassador because had Erdogan called Holland “a Nazi country.”

One PVV voter (Wilders’ party) said this in an interview at the voting booth, “The Netherlands is full, if it were up to me I would have stopped all the Turkish people at the border.”

Now that Wilders has lost in the general election, Rutte is expected to increase immigration from Islamic countries and other third world nations in an attempt increase the amount of state dependent citizens. By increasing low IQ, low skill immigration Rutte will cement The Netherlands as a globalist nation completely incapable of democratically electing leaders interested in benefiting Dutch citizens over the unwashed third world masses looking for a handout.

Thankfully Geert hasn’t given up the fight.

“PVV voters thanks. We won seats, first victory is in. Rutte hasn’t got rid of me yet.”

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