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The Super Blue Miracle: How Infowar’s New Fluoride-Free Toothpaste Is Changing the Dental Industry FOREVER!

William J.L. (2/16/2017

*This review has not been paid for or sponsored by Infowars or Alex Jones*

For a long time I’ve struggled with keeping white teeth and fresh breath despite brushing and flossing at least three times a day. However, this past week of using Super Blue toothpaste has brought me results that are nothing short of a miracle. Even my own dentist was stunned at just how quickly I got these tremendous results from Super Blue.

Before and after one week of using Super Blue Toothpaste

Truth is, I’ve never felt so confident in my dental hygiene in all my life! I used to avoid getting close to people when speaking in fear of my breath scaring them away. Now, I am completely and totally confident conversing with my fellow Americans. I’ve even had a few compliments from loved ones who noticed a difference in the coloring of my teeth.

The secret to why Super Blue works so brilliantly can be broken down into a few simple reasons. First, Super Blue uses absolutely no fluoride! At its core fluoride is a chemical poison put in the water system by globalists to weaken the people. There are many other reasons why fluoride is dangerous which you can read about here.

Secondly, Super Blue Toothpaste contains high-quality Nano Silver which is an ingredient that prevents nasty bacteria from spreading in your mouth which can cause damage and bad breath.

Last but not least, the peppermint oil finish brings a pleasant and minty smell that will last you the whole day!

Super Blue Toothpaste was designed by a huge team of the most brilliant dental hygienists and is spearheaded by lifetime dentist, David Jones (father of Alex Jones). It’s clear these remarkable folks of the dental world have created a new and revolutionary product that actually works! For only $9.99 a tube, we here at Liberty Dogs cannot implore you enough to get a bottle of Super Blue Toothpaste for your medicine cabinet!

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