Top 10 Things Watching Arab Television Taught Me

Jack Shearing (2/19/2017)

With all the comments from the left demanding conservatives to become more “cultured” on Islam, I decided to take a look at what plays on television screens in the homes of Saudi Arabian citizens. Here’s what I learned..

15 things I learned from watching Arab television with the subtitles on:

1: There is fierce racial tension between different groups of Muslims.


2: Mickey Mouse is an abomination under sharia law.

3: Wife beating is okay.

4: However, it’s illegal to beat your wife in the face.

5: The Holocaust doesn’t matter.


6: Pictures can cause cancer.

7: Canada deserves a nuclear Holocaust

8: Better to be a lesbian than gay in the eyes of god.

9: President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey made his millions in the watermelon market

10: Violence can solve many problems.

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