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United Airlines Attack; Was Detained Passenger Actually a Refugee Who Escaped From North Korea?

Jack Shearing (4/12/2017)

This is big folks…

Our sources are reporting that there is reason to believe United Airlines is in fact, colluding with North Korea.

Just two months ago brother of evil tyrant Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-nam suddenly collapsed on the floor of Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. Upon autopsy a highly poisonous chemical called VX nerve agent (Also “coincidentally” a key chemical agent involved in making nuclear bombs, the current favorite pastime of our friends in North Korea) was found to have killed Jong-nam. How exactly was Jong-nam poisoned you might ask? On his flight he was seen receiving quite a few “specialty” cocktails from two stewardesses who seemed especially enamored with Jong-nam, according to fellow passengers. It has always been priority of Jong-nam to keep his true identity hidden in public so clearly these two stewardesses must have known something, or as evidence dictates, planted by Jong-un to assassinate his brother. Jong-nam hated communism and dreamed of a democratic and free North Korea, so of course Jong-un would want him dead as Nam could possibly one day rule North Korea. Here’s the real kicker folks, Jong-nam was mistakenly flying with none other than, United Airlines…..

Coincidence? Most certainly a possibility at least until now! Just this past Sunday United Airlines brutally beat and removed a man from the plane due to “overbooking” or so they say…

We implore you to watch this graphic clip of the incident to fully understand just how unnecessarily cruel and rough the goons of United Airlines were behaving.

Those blood-curdling, feral screams cannot be mistaken for anything other than a man fearing for his life. Not a guy being roughed up by a couple average-sized goons.

Going by the name David Dao, and under the guise of being a doctor visiting patients in Louisville, our sources have given us reason to believe Dao is a long-time escapee from North Korea that was recently outed and since then reported to Kim Jong-un. We have been told its possible Dennis Rodman helped Dao escape by hiding him under a nondescript box on his flight back to the US after his infamous trip to North Korea.

Like So:

“WARNING: This image is a dramatization; not an actually representation of the event”

Dao knew if taken off the plane, he was going to be subject to severe torture and eventually murdered by the paid thugs of United Airlines sent to kill him. As such he eerily begged to be killed right then and there, in front of all the passengers  to avoid further suffering. “Just kill me! Just kill me!” he begged.

Haunting… Make of this what you will but as everyone knows, we here at Liberty Dogs News play by the fact and truth only! As such lets boycott United Airlines! I, as a freedom loving American pledge to not ever fly United again! Are you with me folks…..?

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