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Why Trump Has Given Me a Reason to Love Obama

Jack Shearing (2/1/2017)


President Donald Trump’s Executive order signed on January 27th of 2017 has given me a reason to love the Obama presidency. Yes, it is as unbelievable to me as well as anybody who knows me or any of the opinions I have about former President Barack Hussein Obama. However, during the media garbage storm kicked up by President Trump’s executive order I learned some interesting facts about Obama. Specifically, nationals from failed terror states.

As it turns out according to a law signed in 2015 by Obama, Nationals who have visited Iraq, Syria, Iran and Sudan were ineligible to enter the United States! That’s right according to this law signed by OBAMA bars people from entering the US if they are citizens of, or have spent significant time in failed Islamic terror states.994b9180330beff023dd1958f945161f.png

During this media hell storm the left has tried to push the narrative that Trump’s order was unconstitutional, illegal or most hilariously: impeachable. The modern left is truly delusional. The constitution clearly gives authority to the president to decide what to do about immigrants. What Trump has done by signing this order is tell the American media he does not care what they have to say, they proved again that they are both incompetent and hysterical. Their God, Obama, has done the exact same thing that they claim is unconstitutional and impeachable. When the media reacts way they are playing right into Trump’s hand and driving their credibility lower and lower with every phony headline.

So let me use this opportunity to thank Obama for keeping America safe when he limited travel from failed Terror states in 2015 and kept dangerous radicals out of my beautiful American melting pot.

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