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YouTube Intentionally Defunding Conservative Content Creators!

Will J.L (3/30/17)

Well folks, it seems yet another massive attempt to get rid of conservative media by the globalists is upon us. As of recent, many big corporations are pulling their advertisements off YouTube. These companies include Verizon,  AT&T and UK businesses. Reasoning behind this is that the corporations don’t want their ads appearing on “controversial content.” Now, YouTube big-wigs are attacking conservative content creators livelihoods, deeming them as the “controversial” ones and stripping their videos of monetization capabilities. For many of these “youtubers”, the ads running are their main source of income to fund the channel. Unfortunately, many of these channels are now closing shop because their usual revenue has shrunk below 40%.

All ads are not created equal. Some ads are worth more than others since they vary in length and interactivity. With that being said its no surprise the heartless left-wingers at the head of youtube are actively giving the most profitable advertisements to popular liberal channels. Again and again we continue to see those on top doing everything in their power to keep the little guy down. If you can’t censor, destroy. Disgusting….

It’s important now more than ever we support the conservative content creators we love! Those who push different ideas from the mainstream media and fight against globalist rhetoric! This is more than just supporting our content creators, it’s fighting for freedom on the internet space! I recommend you all listen to Stefan Molyneux give a passionate talk on the topic, we must win now!

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