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Black Lives Matter’s Spearhead Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” Is Nothing More Than Grossly Racist Anti-White Propaganda, Here’s Why….


Bill Gibbons (3/5/2017)

Bigoted, racist and unfunny comedian, Jordan Peele, has recently just released his directorial debut, and it’s nothing short of slavery revenge porn. “Get Out” is failed blend of “horror” and “comedy” focused solely on pushing the negative stereotype that all white people are crazy, evil and racists. The story follows “Chris”, a kind-hearted,  well spoken and successful black man being taken to visit the affluent family of his white girlfriend, “Rose Armitage”. Of course the dialogue between the couple on the long drive to her family’s estate addresses Chris’s concerns about being an African American. However, when Chris brings up the topic it’s apparent that thought hadn’t even crossed Rose’s mind and that it’s Chris who is making the assumptions that her family will not like him because of his race. The reality is most white families do not care what race the people their children date are and you are most likely to find that kind of racism from an Asian, Indian or Jewish family. But of course! Let’s not let the truth get in the way of the narrative Peele wants to promote.

The conversation on race is cut short by a stray deer lunging at their car, one of the many cheap jump scares used so Peele can market the film as horror and not the racist propaganda that it is. Upon inspection the vehicle has some minor damage but not enough to seriously derail the trip, but still an officer is called to report the case. Before I go into this next scene, I don’t think it can be said enough here folks, but we love our men and women in blue who protect us from crime and danger everyday. To continue, the officer arrived and made sure both Rose and Chris were safe and unharmed before going into standard procedure and asking them for identification, which is normal and would be completely fine if Chris was a white man. However since Chris is black, Peele makes this scene out to be the officer being racist and only asking for identification because Chris is a person of color. Disgusting…..with all the tension existing between African-Americans and cops already because of the mainstream media, you really think it’s a great idea to falsely sabotage the reputability of our heroes in uniform to stuff your pockets, Peele? At this point folks I’ll be honest, my blood was boiling and I nearly left the theater in disgust.

Moving further, upon arrival of the Armitage estate Chris’s worries about being rejected from the family are seemingly put to rest by the kind and accepting parents of Rose. Now in real life, this is where the story should end but Peele’s got a narrative to push folks. The families kindness slowly turns into an over correction for not wanting to appear racist with the father alluding to his  sinful love of cuckholdery and pictures of great black men scattered along the walls of the large house. This is Peele’s way of telling black people, “don’t be fooled, even if they try to appear as accepting and good people, all white people are evil racists, don’t forget that!.” Which to quote Roger Stone is a “damnable lie!” How can the relationship between black and white people ever prosper if one side believes that the other only “seems” to be good , but are really hateful and evil people? It’s clear peace and equality are a lot less important than making tons of money for Jordan Peele.

Another point I’d like to make about the film is that all black characters besides Chris are servants of the white people or to quote the film “act white”. The black characters in the film are purposefully made to be extremely flat  and obedient, as to say that they are still the “slaves” of the white family. Further along in the film a black man is introduced as the spouse of a white woman Chris encounters but instead of wearing baggy jeans and a du-rag, is dressed in a well-fitted suit and a straw hat. It just so happens that Chris new this man from his youth and explicitly says “man, why you actin so white now?”, as if a black man can’t change and mature his style and attitude. Black people should be offended by that statement as everyone knows they are individuals, and will wear what they want and change their style however they see fit, just like anyone from any other race.

*warning spoilers ahead*

The finale of the film reveals that Chris was just part of some demonic experiment by the white family to transfer the brains of an old white man into the body of a young African-american man. The film explicitly claims that black people are “far superior to white people mentally and physically” and that whites are “jealous” of black people and that’s why they enslaved them all those years ago. Just ridiculous folks! I don’t even think I need to explain the idiocy and ignorance of that statement (less we forget the numerous number of whites who died for the abolishment of slavery). Lastly, Chris manages to surprisingly easily escapes the experiment and brutally and graphically murders every single member of the family, which brought endless roars from the audience. I even heard a black woman from the crowd scream “die white devils!”, not to mention the constant remarks from others such as  “white people crazy!” and “all whites are racist!” throughout the duration of the film. I felt a strong sense of alienation and threat being one of the few white members of the audience. I truly felt like I was going to be attacked by a black audience member on the way out, and rest assured I caught some dirty looks on the long red slope to the theater exit as everyone was walking out.

Unfortunately, the film has took off and is smashing the box office. Even boasting a 99% on the Soros-funded Rotten Tomatoes website. The fake news mainstream media has been promoting the film as well as cuck “bought-and-paid-for” critics giving the film endless praise. I fear this propaganda piece will only create a larger rift between whites and blacks. It’s adding a huge piece of wood to the the fire of anger in the black community, as well as adding immensely to the guilt white unjustly are made to feel. Congratulations Jordan Peele…I hope you enjoy that beautiful home and luxury car while you leave the rest of us to clean up this violent mess you’ve made.

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