Disturbing! Where Did China Get 23 Baby Pandas?

Jack Shearing (3/18/2017)

This new video taken from inside by a Chinese Zoo and published as a publicity stunt has disturbing implications. The video shows 23 baby pandas attended by zoo keepers posing for a photo shoot. But the question everybody should be asking is, “How did the zoo get 23 baby pandas?”

Pandas remember are endangered and less than 2000 are alive today according to the World Wildlife Fund (WFF). The main problem with Panda populations they say is convincing the Pandas to reproduce. Panda’s used to be plentiful in the mountainous regions of central china but deforestation and poaching have limited the wild population to less than 1000.

With the reproduction and population problems in mind, the only answer to our previous question is simple: The Chinese have discovered how to clone pandas! The likelihood of this zoo producing 23 baby pandas at the exact same time, all the same size and age is impossible given current panda populations. The only way this could have been accomplished is through some type of cloning procedures. Whether this is ethical or not… we’ll leave that up to you.

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