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Flynn Replacement Named

Jack Shearing (2/21/2017)

Herbert Raymond McMaster has been selected by Trump to replace Michael Flynn as the President’s National Security advisor. Lt. General McMaster fought in the Persian Gulf War and Afghanistan, the rugged general is described as, “a warrior-scholar deemed an expert in counter insurgency” by a Trump staffer.

Trump said McMaster was “a man of tremendous talent and experience” In a speech today where he announced the appointment. Fake stream news media outlets recently reported that the President was “having trouble filling the role.” However, the President used this opportunity to say otherwise, “many many people who want the job” the President said. The National Security advisor is responsible for supervising the nation’s military strength and ensuring its capable of defending itself from potential threats, both domestic and international.

McMaster was also a known critic of George W. Bush during his tenue as commander and chief. Particularly McMaster was critical of Bush’s failure to understand the motives and agendas that keep separate groups of insurgents and terrorists operating in the middle east. He used this gap in leadership understanding to fill a special niche within the military leadership and intelligence agencies. Some accomplishments of the new National Security advisor include the implementation of anti-insurgent strategies that focused on turning terror cells against each other and penetration of insurgent spy rings. According to a fox news source, in Operation Desert Storm, one mission which gave him command of just nine tanks had ended had racked up eighty kills over enemy tanks.

All the documents made available to the public indicate that McMaster will be a credit to the nation. In president Trump’s words: “He’s highly respected in the military, and we’re lucky to have him.”

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