George Soros Funds Prostitution Acceptance

Jack Shearing (3/2/2017) has uncovered a shocking connection between George Soros and a failed prostitution normalization ad campaign. These ads, targeted at struggling single mothers, are distributed and produced out of a Dublin office space owned by a George Soros holding company. They are connected to the larger leftist scheme to destroy the nuclear family and degrade western morals. Ireland was likely chosen a base of operations because of the booming prostitution business in the region, and wouldn’t attract attention from local journalists.

Targeting single mothers is an especially heinous strategy because of the group’s innate lack of intelligence and perceptibility to propaganda. The company has dubbed itself “Turn off the Blue Light” in response to the “Turn off the Red Light” ad campaign against human trafficking and sex slavery rings. The group’s goal is to change public opinion on prostitution, even going so far as trying to turn the word “prostitute” into a slur, in favor of the more politically correct, “sex worker.”

A statement from the organization says this about their opposition to the anti-human trafficking ad campaign, “There is currently a ‘Turn Off the Red Light’ (TORL) campaign being run by an alliance of organizations. They say they want to end prostitution and sex trafficking and ‘the solution’ is to criminalize the purchasers of sex. We believe the real agenda is to have their own ideology on sex work enacted as law. Further criminalization would drive the sex industry deeper underground and make it more dangerous for everyone. Our priority is the wellbeing of persons in sex work, not any moral agenda, thus we strongly oppose the TORL campaign.” To paraphrase, George Soros supports human trafficking and the sale of child sex slaves. This is not an exaggeration, George Soros has funded a company whose sole purpose to stop anti human trafficking legislation and advertisements.

By normalizing prostitution as a socially respectable profession, Soros is showing the deepest darkest colors of the left. Under the guise of acceptance and progressive ideals, Soros is actively trying to destroy femininity and undermine what makes women great. By funding this evil propaganda program George Soros has boldly proclaimed that he is the enemy of all women and humanity itself.

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