Joy Villa Shakes Up the Grammy’s With Her Stunning MAGA Dress!

William J.L. (2/13/2017)

We all know the Grammys is one of the most racist, leftist and bigoted events of the year. Each year the wealthy elite push their SJW agendas on us while hypocritically refusing to put deserving black artists in contention for awards. Going into this, we all knew it was going to be a massive fiasco where the left would try to do as much damage to Trumps image and first days in office, as well as promote the agenda of Black Lives Matter and continue pin all whites as racists.

However, in a stunning feat of bravery, Female and African-American singer Joy Villa broke every rule for a black artist when she unveiled her gorgeously crafted red-white-and-blue dress with “Make America Great Again” embroidered in big bold letters on it. Without a doubt, Joy’s bold stand against the establishment can only be compared to that of civil rights legend, Rosa Parks.

We are happy to report that this huge risk and potential act of career suicide from Joy Villa was actually turned into a huge success. As of now Villa’s EP “I Make the Static” is not only #11 on the iTunes charts, but has surpassed the works of Grammy nominees Lady Gaga and Beyonce as well.

The brave and beautiful Joy Villa deserves all our respect and recognition for putting it all on the line last night and taking a stand against the liberal elites. When freedom wins, we all win! Go check out and support Villas music, as well as other artist who stand for the people!

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