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Liberty Dogs Banned from Reddit! Conservative Voices Silenced on Liberal Message Boards


Jack Shearing (1/13/2018)

Liberty Dogs has been banned from posting on Reddit message board r/The_Donald. Despite r/The_Donald marketing itself as a Conservative “Safe-Space”, it appears that nowhere on Reddit can Conservatives be free to share their opinions.  When our top journalists questioned the moderators, they berated us for self-promotion and promulgation of radical ideas. We suspect our coverage was too hard hardcore for the by moderators and they were pressured the higher ups to remove our “Dangerous” and “Hazardous” content.


This highlights an important point in Liberty Dogs history. We wear censorship like a badge of honor. It means that Liberty Dogs is reporting news that globalists and leftist don’t want people to see. “Starbucks Should Provide Reparations to Victims of Racist Contamination” will not be forgotten. But instead be a rallying cry for silenced and censored conservatives all over the world wide web.

In response to this blatant abuse of our first amendment rights we are going nuclear. We will respond to the globalists in force by ramping up our content production and decentralizing Liberty Dogs. Putting the news right into the hands of the people. Starting today we have activated the submissions tab on our site. Where users are invited to submit their own news stories to be posted on Liberty Dogs. If you’ve always wanted to write for Liberty Dogs, now you can. Take that GLOBALISTS.

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