Pope Francis Is Categorically, Unequivocally Incorrect


Jack Shearing (2/19/2017)

The Catholic Pope recently said “Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist. They do not exist,” in an address to the World Council of Popular Movements. While it’ kind of the Pope’s job to say inflammatory things to hordes of adoring crowds; this statement is flat out wrong.

When Omar Mateen murdered 50 people and maimed 53 others while shouting “Allah Akbar” at a homosexual night club in June, he proved Islamic terrorism exists.

When two masked men firebombed a Palestinian house; burning an eighteen-month old infant alive, they proved Jewish Terrorism exists.

When Robert Lewis Dear Jr. murdered three people including a police officer at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado, he proved Christian terrorism exists.

Hey Pope Francis, did you know the Islamic state massacred 300 people in Libya on new year’s day while they laid flat on the floor? They laid down and ate dirt while Islamic Terrorists exercised an ethnic cleansing so evil and malicious it places their souls in the ranks of Pol Pot, Stalin and Hitler. The gunman shot and shot into the mass of bodies, helpless to do anything but die. 300 hundred people.

Terrorism does exist and its everywhere. It’s in a Christmas market in Germany, it’s in an office building in San Bernardino, it’s in the brains of children stuck in the grille of a truck in Nice, France. Terrorism is real and your putting people in danger by pretending the world is how you want it to be and not how it is. It’s not wrong to want your friends and family, of all nations and creeds, to be safe. It’s not unchristian to put the lives of your children over the lives of economic migrants from Morocco or Libya or anywhere else! Don’t be a dupe, see the world the way it is.






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