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Reince Priebus: White House Triple Agent?

Jack Shearing (2/23/17) has just made contact with a deep cover globalist source deep within the Republican leadership’s spy network. This source has shared with me deep secrets about the inner workings of the president’s cabinet and claimed intimate knowledge of a secret that the President learned himself about only seven days ago (as of 4:16am Tuesday morning 2/21/17). Reince Priebus is a triple agent! That’s right, Reince Priebus the White House Chief of Staff is not completely loyal to the President and the United States of America.

In truth, Reince Priebus’ is connected through espionage and deep state spies to another high ranking Cabinet member: Ben Carson. Priebus is also of course connected and loyal to his long time boss and friend Paul Ryan.

It starts like this, Reince Priebus’ political specialty is twofold. What made him most valuable to Paul Ryan and Trump during the election was his ability to identify and tap in to the large republican base that sat out the most recent two elections. In other words, Reince Priebus is a master of the “ground game”, phone calls, where to target advertisements, email lists and volunteers. It’s a dataset, meticulously collected and maintained for eight years. These tools which took years to cultivate and were being put together by Priebus only hours after Obama won his first term, were Reince Priebus’ wheelhouse. His ace in the hole. If Priebus and his Republican bosses could combine this dataset of active republican voters with a decent to strong candidate, then the Republicans had victory assured and they knew it too.

Priebus’ second political specialty is the combination of his energy and charisma which manifests in the field and in politics as vitality. The only man in White House with as much vitality, spirit and energy as Reince Priebus is the President himself. The President recognized this trait very quickly after Priebus joined him on the campaign trail following the Republican convention. Priebus quickly gained the President’s trust by simply utilizing the “ground game” he had built up using republican funds over the past eight years and working just as hard as Trump did.

According to my source, Trump knows Reince Priebus is the leaker behind the Flynn departure but also: Trump asked him to do so. What Trump didn’t ask him to do was leak information pertaining to the content of the phone call between Flynn and the Russian ambassador. By doing that Priebus had somehow unwittingly outed his “special” relationship with Ben Carson that involves a connection to the hidden 14 panama pages to the President.

Priebus was a Carson man before Ryan ever got his hands on him. The ground game Priebus began laying out in 2008 was always going to be given to the winner of the Republican primaries but he had always expected Carson to be the winner. This is what internal “true polling” conducted by the Republicans had always indicated. Likely, if not for Trump he would have won the primaries. But no one ever expected Trump. Not Romney, Not Carson, Not Hillary, Not Ryan and McConnell. The Republicans knew their horse early before everyone else: Carson. He had all the traits to unseat Hillary, it needed to be an anti-establishment, pro-family, minority. Those were the three qualifications. What Carson lacked in Charisma was not going to matter much compared to the other fifteen candidates for the Presidency among the Republicans. As long as they played they anti-establishment card the Republicans were sure that would overcome Hillary, flawed candidate as she was.

Then Trump and the Panama Papers got involved. Trump’s unexpected presence had zapped all of the populist energy that was about to be thrown behind Ben Carson, the only anti-establishment Republican candidate besides Trump. Trump had effectively stolen the Republican nomination for president from Ben Carson.

You see, Ben Carson was the midst of swaying Priebus to give him the ground game data he had collected in February of 2016. It had almost worked too. Priebus under the instruction of Paul Ryan was going to preemptively hand over slivers of their vital Republican voter data to the Carson campaign until word had reached Carson that he was about to be implicated in a major insider trading scandal connected to the Panama Papers which would be leaked in April of 2016 by a duo of German journalists. Deep state spies had identified that the German journalists had obtained the massive information dump but had managed to intercept the data packet in cyberspace and extract the connections to Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz and other high profile republican leaders. Over 300 pages were extracted by the deep state spies before the file had to be returned to the German journalists in a matter of time quick enough that they never realized anything was missing.

These 300 pages, in the hands of McMullin, Romney, Ryan CIA cronies, were incredibly dangerous blackmail tools. Yet also a double edged blade whose details and connections spanned together and interconnected like a web. Some Blackmail information, if published could tie back to the republican leadership so it had to be destroyed instead of used. After the 300 pages of data and blackmail were scoured through the only Republican candidates not advertently connected to the Republican leadership were, Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Trump was implicated in the leaks of course but nothing illegal. Carson however, had gotten himself involved with an insider trading ring that specialized in Ponzi schemes on the verge of collapse. Only 14 pages remained after the data purge was complete. Two of these pages implicated Carson enough to sink him.

The Republican leadership were in a bind. They were about to be thrust into a Trump nomination and they knew it. The only man they had managed to extract damaging blackmail on was the man they were supporting. However, Carson had already been alerted by Priebus that the Republican leadership had tagged his insider trading. If he wanted to run, he would lose to Trump but even if he didn’t he’d always be under the thumb of Paul Ryan and the Neo-Cons. Carson of course bowed his head and ducked out.

Reinhold “Reince” Priebus found himself in a curious position. Stuck between Trump and the Republicans. In Trump, who had seemingly stolen the harness of the populist revolution right out from under him and Carson, he had found a friend who respected the work he did in data collection and management but still acted in a seemingly random manner. True motivations unknown if they weren’t on the surface. But still Trump won the primary, so the ground data went to him and his campaign. On the other side of Trump was the Republican Neo-Con leadership who he was pledged officially. He of course sided with Trump whom naturally liked him due to his high charisma and energy that made him a valuable asset on the campaign trial and in the White House.

Only since the Flynn leaks has Trump discovered the Priebus tie to Carson and insider trading due to a slip of the tongue on Priebus’ part to a certain CNN reporter during the process of leaking the Flynn information at the behest of the President. The details on this call my source does not know particularly only that it happened and the President knows that Priebus and the Republicans have deadly information on Carson. I suspect however that the detail Priebus let through by accident was a minuscule fact regarding a business mogul named Yuri Millner which was also a member of the insider trading ring with Carson and interestingly mentioned in the Flynn and Vladimir Lukin phone call that got Flynn fired.

What the President will do with information has yet to be seen but I expect to see Carson’s resignation by the end of next month after McMaster has settled into his role as National Security Advisor and the dust has settled on the Flynn incident. However, if Trump has integrated with Priebus and the Republican leadership then this is only the beginning of Carson/ Priebus/ Panama Papers blackmail intrigue. 

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