Russian Ambassador Assassinated! Again!

Jack Shearing (2/21/2017)

The world of political intrigue is darker and more dangerous than ever today thanks to Donald Trump who has completely leveled the globalist base of operations. Globalist deep state spies used to be able operate with impunity amongst the highest echelons of the Obama government. Today, their unseating has caught the Russian Ambassador to the UN in a deadly crossfire.

Vitaly Churkin, Russian ambassador to the UN died yesterday in New York after assassins spiked the diplomat’s tea with a “Polonium like substance.”’s deep cover sources within Russian Spy rings have revealed to us that Churkin knew the threat to his life was at the highest point it’s ever been but decided to stay in New York by the personal request of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, the head of the Russian Orthodox Christian Church.

According to our source, Churkin was involved with closing a deal with Ukrainian prime minister Volodymyr Groysman and Trump Appointee Nikki Haley involving Crimea peninsula. The deal allegedly involved Ukraine formally handing over legal claim over the peninsula in exchange for the removal of Russian forces in mainland Ukraine, certain oil and mineral rights, and path for Ukrainian entry into NATO.

Presumably then, Churkin then was killed by Soros agents with a vested interest in keeping Ukraine destabilized and steeped in conflict. If Ukraine did enter NATO under these conditions and Crimea was officially given to the Russians under these circumstances, then the American sanctions in Russia could be lifted much sooner than initially predicted. Also, the Soros war investment in Ukraine in 2014 would have been almost completely wasted if this deal went through. Now with Churkin dead and the assassin still on the loose and not 100% surely identified, this deal is certainly as dead as the ambassador. For now, at least until more facts come to light. Churkin was slain the day before his 65 birthday.

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