Roger Stone Takes Over Middlesex County: Our Experience!

William J.L. (2/23/2017)

We here at Liberty Dogs were so very blessed and privileged to attend a book signing and speech given from political operative, former Trump advisor and author of “The Making of the President 2016”, Roger Stone. We recently reviewed the book which you can read here!

Upon entering the Old Bridge Senior Center the sense of patriotism and camaraderie was imminent. With smiles galore you would’ve thought we were all there to collect lottery winnings! Fellow journalists, veterans, republicans, campaign runners and even former senators were in attendance. The people we were fortunate enough to meet were as diverse as they were interesting.

After a few initial speakers, Stone took the stage. Loud cheers from the crowd greeted him as he made his way to the podium, which was then followed by a dead silence as we waited eagerly in anticipation for what he had to say. Everyone new that Stone had something meaningful to say, and that this speech was important.

With no time wasted Stone immediately shows his modesty and gives all credit and congratulations to President Trump on his recent campaign victory against Hillary Clinton. He highlighted the stark contrast in Trumps strong and tireless work ethic as opposed to lethargic, lazy Hillary Clinton, who arrogantly assumed the election was in the bag.

“The credit goes to him. He is a lion. He is a fighter. He is a very, very tough-minded guy who did not run for president because he needed to be someone. He didn’t run for president because he wanted a big mansion or a pool or a plane because he already has a big mansion and a pool and a plane.”

Stone moved on to an even larger point, which is that the mainstream media finally got it wrong! Networks like CNN, BBC and MSNBC who are all paid for by corporate interest and the democrats were finally shown up by the rise of alternative media. Stone brilliantly stated that the democrats finally lost this time because of “technological advances” and emphasized on how we all now get our news from our smart phones and computers.

“There are better investigative journalism going on in the alternative media. And very sadly, the new role of mainstream media is to parrot endlessly the narrative and plot lines supplied by the political establishment and the people who have run this country for 30 years and, indeed, have run it into the ground.”

Addressing the recent ridiculous accusations that he was allegedly in contact with Russian Intelligence, Stone put them to bed and lambasted the “thugs” at the CIA which he aptly put as a “rogue agency gone wild.” This excludes the director and those at the lower levels of course. He brought up how there was no evidence to be brought up from accusers and that this was a “damnable lie.”

Following the brief Q&A we were honored to have a few moments with Roger Stone himself. Starstruck as we admittedly were, Stone’s disarming charm and kind demeanor quickly took away any nervousness. After a brief chat we had our copy of “The Making of the President 2016” signed which you can see above.

Leaving the event we felt empowered and inspired to keep up the fight against globalism and the mainstream media by providing true journalism and stories to you through Liberty Dogs News! With that, we thank you Mr. Stone and the Middlesex County Republican Women’s Club for a tremendously successful evening.

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