The American Economy Loves Trump

Jack Shearing (3/17/2017)

In the first 50 days since Donald Trump’s presidency the American economy has recorded historic growth. The markets have reacted very positively to a Pro-Capitalist and Pro-Business President. Furthermore, middle Americans are feeling the boost in their wallets and pockets.

The Dow Jones, a stock conglomerate of some of Americans biggest and richest companies, has gone through some changes since November when Trump won. Can you notice it? What your seeing is an all-time record high. The Dow Jones is tied up with a lot of middle class Americans 401ks and investment portfolios. Furthermore, the companies that make the conglomerate are among Americans biggest employers. When they see an increase in stock value, Americans get employed and wages increase.

Speak of job growth,


February, Trumps first full month in office has reported a figure higher than any month in Obama’s final four years in office. Economists and business leaders all over the country are ecstatic about Trump’s plans to lower interest rates and decrease regulation legislation. Trump is handing the reigns back to American intuition and dedication.

In response to the booming economy Janet Yellen, The Federal Reserve’s Chair of the Board of Governors (AKA top dog), has increased interest rates.

This means that Federal Reserve is pleased with economic growth and the value of the dollar is increasing. In response to the rising dollar, interest collected in banks, investments and bonds goes up. Thereby producing a real and tangible payday for every American with a dollar to their name. Good job Trump, keep up the good work!

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