Trump Sides With Reason On Transgender Bathrooms

Jack Shearing (2/23/2017)

The Justice Department has dispatched letters to public nationally that rescinded the Obama directive to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choosing. In a recent press conference, the president’s press secretary made clear, “As President Trump has clearly stated, he believes policy regarding transgender bathrooms should be decided at the state level.”

To me this is not far enough but the President’s Jeffersonian interpretation of the constitution is something to be admired. Having the federal government force states to allow sexually dysmorphic people into their children’s bathrooms is a blatant obstruction of the social contract. This was one of the most important issues on the campaign trail to me because as a conservative facing the rising tide of liberal social destruction, I was concerned about conserving certain social ideals that made our country great. One of those ideals being fierce reverence of children’s safety. Children represent more than just the future of our nation, more than the future children also represent the present moment. Children have potential to grow into the bright, post scarcity society we all hope for while being simultaneously real, immediate, tangible and helpless. To place them in any undue risk of violence, especially violence of a sexual nature used to be the greatest taboo of our society. In today’s day and age however the social fabric that used to defend children above all else has been eroded in favor of post-scarcity ideals.

Before the Justice Department issued these orders with the help of Betsy DeVos’ Education Department children were in danger. Sexually Dysmorphia is a mental illness of the sexual variety, herein lies the danger to children. While there is no indication that Sexual Dysmorphia includes a proclivity to underage sexual partners it puts people with sexual mental disorders into close proximity to children in exchange for societal acceptance of their illness. Not a fair trade in my book. More than that it makes it easier for pedophiles to gain access to children. All they would have to do is dress up as a woman and no one would bat an eye at a pre-op transsexual walking into the woman’s restroom in a school or public place. The risk versus reward just doesn’t add up to me. Even one child being abused because of this ordnance would be an incalculable tragedy based purely on the preventability. Children are just too valuable to put at risk.

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